Protocols and Fees


PROJECTS AND TERMS: our products and services are directed to private companies, governments, foundations, financial entities and in general to all the initiative that requires asset management, capital raising and structuring for financing.

  • Presentation of documents and application.
  • Request response / Pre-approval.
  • Payment of application-initial process.
  • Risk analysis and underwriting via documentation.
  • Inspection visit (at client´s cost)
  • Closing cost definition.
  • Disbursement via SPV

PROJECTS ESTIMATED COST: Latin Trade PC does not recognize agreements with other intermediaries, since in our cost and commissions scheme it involves all of them.

  • Application: It oscillates between $ 2000 USD and $ 5000 USD.
  • Risk Study and inspection visit: Range 1% to 3% of the requested value.
  • Closing cost: It depends on the terms.
  • Success commission: 3% to 5% of the loan, could be capitalized.
  • Interest: Depending on the terms of the credit, Range 5% to 12% annually.
  • Grace periods: Up to 24 months.

OTHER PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Each operation has its own procedures according to its nature and the supplier associated with the product or service. For each transaction, the client can request an offer, projection and / or tab of terms at no cost.


Each business has its own associated costs, some are absorbed within the payment of success commissions and others are pre-established in the service agreement. All clients must be prepared to receive the proposal according to the type of transaction in which they will obtain our services and / or products, in order to reach the terms of the agreement and proceed. Intermediaries are welcome, as long as they comply with the policies of transparency, integrity and confidentiality that govern us as a company and as a work team. Further information


The information contained on this website is informative. When preparing this information we have not taken into account your particular objectives, financial situation or requirements and you should consider the advisability of this advice to your circumstances before acting on it. We are firmly committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of our client's documentation. Latin Trade PC does not assume any responsibility for the products or services provided by third parties recommended by us, since we are not lenders or direct financial institutions, but managers that act as a reference service company and alliances. Any proof of performance are only illustrative and should not be considered as a guide for the future. The information is current on the date of publication, but may be subject to change without prior notice and, consequently, may not be current at the time of viewing. You must check the current position with us, request estimates and duly review the contracts you sign with the service providers (platforms, financial entities, buyers, suppliers, among others) and allies, under your own discretion.