We count with suppliers and buyers of the following products, the sales protocols depend on the vendors' requirements and generally start with a Letter of Intent (LOI) to request the offer.

  • Minerals:
    • Gold (Offer available / LOI)
    • Nano-cooper (Offer available / LOI)
    • Diamonds (LOI)
  • Fuel (LOI)
  • Sugar, Grains, other (LOI)

Let us know if you have an offer or request of product. Info

Seed Plan – Small Cap

This program is continually transformed and is subject to an invitation offer. At the moment it is based on private programs structure supported by a transaction or specific contract of a commodity trade. The investment required generally starts with One Million USD conditioned to the requirements of the transaction. Funds are mostly requested in the form of SBLC or cash. To request your projection you must comply with the requirements KYC and POF to request a personalized projection write to

Platforms PPP

Development of Nations Participation

In search of contributing solutions to our region, there is also the opportunity of developing Solar Energy projects and construction of Social Housing under Join Venture structures that require a contribution of 15% from the public or private proponent. The proposals are done according to each particular scenario.

Financing programs are applicable to public, private and mixed initiatives. In some cases obtaining concessions and benefits in order not to generate permanent indebtedness, some conditions apply. Sovereign Bonds or Guaranties welcome.