We exist to consolidate projects with purpose


What We Are

LATIN TRADE PC was conceived in 2009 with the objective of connecting Latino Business to the World. It was a fusion of creativity, and effort to host a number of entrepreneur and business events in which many rising corporations had the opportunity to close their first international sales. In 2011, by helping clients with Real Solutions, facilitating funding services to the industry became important to the company. For key industries including Mining, Energy, Construction, Infrastructure, Hotels and Agriculture, Latin Trade PC in Latin America is uniquely qualified with in-house and outsourced from our extensive spectrum of advice and high level services to lead in the industry.

What We Do

Latin Trade PC aims to provide channels for funding and fund management for development and renovation projects that have a high environmental and social and eco-friendly impact in Latin America and the Caribbean, having the citizens of the continent as the epicenter and the trust in the innovation of our people.


Our network of contacts as a growing strength, includes private investment banking, products and company representations, businessmen and governments from different countries and, the Marinef Foundation of which we are emissaries for Latin America and the Caribbean to develop Nations and bring Humanitarian Aid. We also the authorized representatives for Godoil products and services to restore the environment. as well as various mineral contracts such as Consorcio Minero TMA S.A and Unique International Trade Link Inc.

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A Mission

Latin Trade PC is a company whose objective is to connect Latin American businesses with the world. We exist to work hand in hand with entrepreneurs, to impel developments with purpose. This mission makes us strategic allies in order to insert our programs of investment and financing in the region and facilitate, thus, the acceleration in the process of current growth.

A Vision

Latin Trade PC seeks to consolidate itself as one of the most powerful tools that support the search for financial and structural alternatives for integral development projects in Latin America and the emerging countries. We want to be the best strategic ally of entrepreneurs with their feet on the ground, with sky high ambitions, and the certainty of success in the future.